White Owl Family Office Group is a private Canadian investment company, focusing on real estate, private businesses and public/private equity and debt instruments. Our purpose is to grow and develop the human, social, financial and intellectual capital of our families to facilitate engaged and fulfilling lives. The Family Office makes strategic financial investments and works with strong management teams to create lasting value.

The White Owl Family Office approach is one of flexibility and support. White Owl operates without the usual institutional or private equity bureaucracy. Investment capital is derived from the many companies started by and successfully run by the entrepreneur founders and their families who have been hands-on operators for over 40 years.

The Group understands business across diverse sectors and the many challenges and opportunities faced by private businesses. Over the years, the families have acquired over 70 companies and helped entrepreneurial management teams create significant value and develop highly-engaged and values-driven management teams.

Many investment groups are financial engineers that try to flip companies for profit. White Owl concentrates on long-term value creation with limited financial pressure on the management team for short term or quarter over quarter performance. Financial and operational resources are offered to the private businesses owned by the Group to assist in areas such as workplace health and safety, strategic planning, market development, manufacturing, continuous improvement, capital expenditures, financing, cash planning and human resources.

Past and current investments include infrastructure, environmental and waste management, oil and gas, industrial products manufacturing and distribution, logistics, automotive, financial services and several others.

Flexible in structure, White Owl has both majority and minority equity/debt positions and has been involved with succession or estate planning transactions, management buyouts, buy-sells or opportunistic situations such as leveraged buyouts, venture, and growth capital.

White Owl Family Office has proven experience in negotiating an equitable transaction for all parties while streamlining the process with lenders, lawyers and advisors to execute a deal quickly and at fair value.

If you are interested in learning more about White Owl's approach and/or wish to explore an investment opportunity in real estate or private business please contact us at Opportunities@whiteowllimited.ca